Employers: Why You Need a Policies & Procedures Manual

Many employers think of a policies & procedures manual as unnecessary since they can just manage day to day events as they come up without having to have every little thing written down. The fact is, however, that this type of manual is not only important for ensuring things are done efficiently and appropriately all the time, but also offers some legal protections in many cases. Standardization One of the Read More

Understanding the Key Differences Between a Military and Civilian Divorce

Getting a divorce is a complicated, confusing, and emotionally draining experience even in the most common of circumstances. When one or both parties is an active duty military member, however, things can get even more complex. Whether you are the military member, or a spouse of a military member, it is important to make sure you are aware of how things will proceed with your divorce. Working with an attorney who has Read More

Texas Elder Law: Understanding Lady Bird Deeds

When looking for the best way to pass any type of real estate, including your home, on to your loved ones when the time comes, it is a good idea to consider a lady bird deed, also known as an enhanced life estate deed. Lady bird deeds are a great way to help your loved ones avoid the costs and difficulties of going through the probate process in order to get their inheritance. This particular type of deed, however, Read More

5 Important Factors to Consider when Developing a Visitation Schedule

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce, or a break up when children are involved, is making a visitation schedule. In most cases, both parents are going to want to have as much time with the child as possible, which is why conflicts can so easily arise. If both parents work hard to put the best interests of the kids first, however, a good schedule can be made that will work for everyone involved. When creating Read More

Are You Eligible for Medicaid? A Brief Overview of the Income Criteria

Medicaid is a government health insurance program run jointly by the federal and state governments. It is the largest source of health coverage in the United States, with over 70 million people enrolled. The program is designed to help ensure those with lower income are able to get the health care they need. When trying to determine whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid, checking the income criteria is a great Read More

How the New Overtime Rules Affect Texas Workers

Many months ago, the US Department of Labor made some changes to their set of rules and regulations that cover overtime. These changes will impact approximately 4.2 million employees throughout the country, many of them right here in Texas. The changes were made to help provide additional protections to employees who were being classified by employers as executive, administrative, or professional, and therefore Read More

Who Gets the House? Understanding Property Division in Texas

If you live in Texas and are getting divorced, the fate of your property might not look exactly how you had imagined. Texas is considered to be a community property state, which means it has its own rules of what constitutes ownership of land, homes, assets, and even debts. Let’s take an in-depth look at what community property entails, and some of the possible outcomes after a divorce is finalized. What Is Read More

A Brief Introduction to the Family and Medical Leave Act

The  Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was first signed into law in 1993 in order to help workers find balance in their work and home lives. The purpose of the law was to protect workers from losing their jobs if they had personal matters or family concerns that caused them to take time off from work. It strives to prevent workers from being forced to choose between their job and their loved ones. The FMLA allows Read More

Texas Probate Avoidance: 4 Useful Tools

Probate is a necessary, but sometimes complicated process that can be costly and frustrating. In some situations, avoiding elements of probate is a welcome and convenient way of making it easier for heirs and executors of the estate to manage in a difficult time. When drafting your will, or even as you obtain assets during your lifetime, here are four things to consider doing to avoid having those assets be subject Read More

Texas Establishment of Paternity

For obvious reasons, the identity of a child’s mother is quite obvious at the time of the child’s birth. Thus, mothers are automatically granted legal parental rights over their child, including all of the benefits and obligations inherent in those rights. However, establishing paternity and a father’s parental rights is not always such a clear-cut process. While no one would be able to argue the identity of the Read More

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