Child Custody

San Antonio Child Custody Attorney

For parents who must divorce as well as many unmarried parents, determination of child custody is an extremely important concern. Family courts in Texas make custody decisions based primarily on their views of children’s best interests, but it can be difficult for mothers and fathers to agree on what that means in their unique situations. This makes custody and visitation (sometimes called access or parenting time) the most commonly and intensely contested issues in many family law cases.

Delivering Clear Guidance And Striving For Positive, Sustainable Custody Outcomes

At The Amsberry Law Firm, you can depend on caring, practical counsel from a deeply experienced San Antonio child custody lawyer. We emphasize decision-making based on awareness of all relevant issues as we strive for equitable, workable outcomes that support continued close relationships with both parents whenever possible. If your case ultimately cannot be resolved through negotiation, you will have a skilled litigator on your side. We offer:

  • Detailed, understandable explanations of all legal terms you may hear in the course of your case, such as conservatorship, physical custody and legal custody
  • Ethical, determined representation to help you achieve your most important goals regarding your most important relationships
  • Skill and creativity to customize and negotiate arrangements that support both children’s and parents’ best interests
  • Counsel grounded in a full understanding of unique issues that pertain to families seeking either an uncontested or contested divorce, military families and unmarried parents who must resolve paternity and other concerns
Do You Need A Visitation Lawyer? Are You Facing A Potential Custody Dispute Elsewhere In South Texas?

You can work closely with attorney Russell J.G. Amsberry to find the best approach to all issues that will be decided. These include determination of both physical custody (where children will live) and legal custody (how decision-making authority will be shared or divided between parents). We are adept at creating customized parenting plans that account for families’ unique needs. To schedule a consultation focused on custody and any other vital family law issues you must confront, please call (210) 354-2244 or contact us online.