Credit Card Spending and Divorce Linked in New Study

It is common knowledge that financial woes are a leading cause of strife among married couples. The findings of one recent study show a more specific connection between surreptitious credit card spending and divorce.

The website surveyed 1,000 individuals about their habits with respect to credit card spending. Approximately 10 percent of those surveyed admitted that secret credit card purchases had played a role in them either separating from or divorcing their spouses. About 36 percent of those surveyed indicated that they had hidden credit card spending because they knew that it would make their spouses angry. An additional 35 percent said they hid spending because they knew their spouses would object to what they had purchased.

It is easy to conclude from this survey that many of those hiding their spending from their spouses did so because they were up to no good. This is not, however, true in every instance. In many cases, spending spouses were treating themselves to small luxuries, such as new clothing. In other cases, spouses were using their credit cards to pay household bills.

The survey found that women were far more likely than men to keep a credit card statement a secret. Women were also more likely to feel guilty about keeping the purchases they had made secret than men. Men, however, were responsible for spending far more than women on average.

Of course, this recent survey simply adds to what many other studies have already demonstrated: disagreements about money and finances – including hiding purchases or accounts from a spouse – are a leading contributor to instances of divorce. In many cases, arguments about financial matters are even more intense than those about other, seemingly more important issues, such as child rearing or relationships with in-laws. The reality is that finances are a sensitive matter for many couples, particularly during the past few years as the economy has struggled to rebound fully. Some suggest, too, that disagreements about spending may have more to do with dynamics of power and trust within a relationship than they do money itself.

Nevertheless, no matter the reason, deciding to divorce is never easy. For those who are thinking about divorcing their spouses, it is important to consider consulting with a knowledgeable family law attorney. A family law attorney who specializes in divorces can provide the kind of advice that people need to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

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