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Members of the military and their families have many aspects of their lives that differ greatly from what the average civilian deals with daily. Although some of these differences are well worth dealing with for the ability to serve, some of them add quite a bit of complexity to certain aspects of life. One such situation occurs when military members go through family law situations. Things like determining child custody or divorce settlements become more complex for military families. Fortunately, the military family law attorneys at Amsberry Law Firm are ready to support you.

We understand that military family law cases can result in legal questions that simply don’t come up in other family law cases. Consequently, you want a family law attorney on your side who has extensive knowledge of how military service changes the case.

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How Our Military Family Law Attorneys Can Help You

At Amsberry Law Firm, we handle all aspects of family law cases for military members. We provide a professional level of representation. We do not cut corners or dismiss items that are important to you. We always strive to create an atmosphere with our clients that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. We aim to give you representation that focuses both on family law statutes in Texas and on the specific needs that are unique to members of the military. Some of the legal areas where our military family law attorneys focus include:

  • Military divorce
  • How ex-spouses may qualify for sharing military benefits
  • Military child custody agreements and modifications
  • Child support agreements and modifications
  • How relocation and active duty affects child custody
  • Estate planning work unique to military members.

Why You Should Choose Amsberry Law Firm

As military member, when you are going through a difficult family law hearing or a child custody case, you need a family law attorney you can trust. Bottom line: If you do not trust your representative, you will not be as honest about your situation as you could be, and it can potentially lead to an unfavorable outcome. That’s why our team at Amsberry Law Firm works hard to earn your trust through spending time with you. Where other law firms may try to rush through meetings with clients as quickly as possible, we subscribe to the opposite philosophy. Our military family law attorneys give you the attention and time required to work through the specifics of your case, allowing us to create a strategy that fits your needs as closely as possible.

When you are ready to discuss your case, reach out to Amsberry Law Firm at (210) 354-2244 as soon as possible. If you decide to hire us after the meeting, we will be ready to begin working on your case immediately.

Gain the Benefits of the Experience of Our Military Family Law Attorneys

Attorney Russell Amsberry leads our law firm, driving our desire to help members of the military work through their family law cases as smoothly as possible, while also seeking the best possible outcome. When going through a difficult situation involving family law, it can feel like the world is against you. However, when you hire our team to represent you, you can trust that we will remain in your corner from the start of the process to its conclusion.

With Russell Amsberry’s nearly three decades of practicing family law in Texas, he has a level of experience that can deliver unique solutions and professional service for our clients. Some of his accolades earned over decades of serving family law clients include:

  • Board certified in family law with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (fewer than 1 percent of Texas attorneys have this board certification)
  • Won an honor as one of the best lawyers in San Antonio, as named by Scene in SA magazine
  • Received an Amazing rating from Avvo
  • Received a Distinguished rating from Martindale-Hubbell
  • Member American Bar Association
  • Member State Bar of Texas
  • Member San Antonio Bar Association
  • Member Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • Member National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Member Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists.

We never back down from tough situations, as we always want to give our military member clients the level of service they deserve. Russell Amsberry served as a JAG (Judge Advocate General) in the U.S. Army, so he personally understands some of the challenges our clients face as they try to work through a family law case while serving. We do not want you to ever feel like you have to tackle this situation alone. Let us take some of the stress off your plate with your legal situation, so you can focus on your military duties and on your family life.

Types of Cases Where Our Military Family Law Attorneys Excel

Our military family law attorney has experience across many aspects of family law. We also understand how various segments of family law affect each other, allowing us to provide well-rounded representation for our clients serving in the military. We can help you with cases involving the following topics, as well as other related family law topics.


Although military and civilian divorce proceedings look the same under the law in the state of Texas, a military divorce involves a few items that don’t apply to non-military divorces. Our military family law attorneys thoroughly understand the specific rules that are part of the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), and we know how to apply these rules to your case. (The USFSPA is a federal law that protects former spouses of military service members in terms of military benefits.)

This act affects the way that divorcing spouses must handle benefits that the military provides, including healthcare benefits, pensions for the service member, and even commissary privileges. Such items often receive treatment as property in the divorce, meaning they are subject to negotiations for division of property. Our team will help you figure out which benefits are most important to you, so we can work hard to try to protect them for you as much as possible.

Child Custody and Support

If you and your ex-spouse have children, negotiating for items like child support and child custody is a key service that our military family law attorneys provide. We know that child custody situations are especially challenging in military families, where the spouse in the military could be subject to deployment or relocation at any time. If you will end up moving far away from your kids as part of a deployment, our team can help you seek a temporary adjustment to your child custody agreement, ensuring you can return to the original agreement when you return.

If you would prefer to work out custody scenarios regarding potential deployments during the initial custody agreement, count on our military child custody attorney to work hard during the negotiation sessions with your ex-spouse’s representatives. We aim to make sure that the initial custody plan includes contingencies that go into effect if you have a deployment or mobilization. Should both spouses be in the military, the plan should also specify which family members will care for the kids if both of you receive deployment orders.

Child support also may be part of the negotiation sessions. If your ex-spouse will be the primary caregiver for your kids, you likely will need to provide part of your military pay to your ex-spouse for use for the kids. If the children spend some time with you and some with your ex-spouse, your child support payments may be lower.

Estate Planning

nother area where we provide significant help to military members is through our work as an estate planning lawyer. Although we serve civilians with their estate planning needs, too, we know the importance of providing support in estate planning to military members. We work hard to give military members the peace of mind they need regarding the protection of their families while the military members are on active duty. We help you with things like:

  • Writing a last will and testament
  • Creating a living will
  • Setting up inheritance
  • Determining who should hold power of attorney over your affairs.

We know the importance of each of these decisions, and you can trust that we will explore every aspect of them with you so that they truly reflect your wishes. We understand that some of these issues may be difficult to discuss, but we work hard to try to set your mind at ease, allowing you to make these important decisions with a clear conscience. Let us take care of these legal items for you, so you can focus on your job when you’re on active duty.

Our Military Family Law Attorney Strives to Keep You Informed at Every Step

FAQ: Common Questions Our Military Clients Have for Us

One area where family law cases are the same for members of the military and for civilians is in the uncertainty that people feel as they are going through the process. For many of our clients, this is the first time they are visiting a military family lawyer, meaning they have many questions. Our team at Amsberry Law Firm puts in the time to answer all questions that our clients have, as we strive to keep you informed at every step of the way. Here are some of the most common questions our military family law attorneys hear from clients and our answers.

FAQs About Military Divorces

Common Questions From Clients for Our San Antonio Military Divorce Lawyer

Because many of our military clients are going through a divorce for the first time, they have several questions about the process. We appreciate these questions, because it helps us understand the aspects of your divorce proceedings that are most important to you. Here are some of the most common questions our San Antonio military divorce lawyers hear.

What are the benefits of working with your military family law attorneys in Texas?

Our military family law attorneys know the legal system in Texas, which gives us the ability to tailor our representation to fit your specific needs. Because we deal with both civilian and military family law cases, we have insight that other law firms may lack.

Will my military divorce take longer than a civilian divorce?

Sometimes, military divorces require more time to complete because one spouse may be serving in another location or may be on active duty, requiring a delay in the proceedings.

Do I need a military family lawyer if my spouse hired an attorney?

Although your spouse’s military family lawyer can ensure your proceedings follow the proper legal standards, that attorney doesn’t focus on how the outcome affects you. You need your own attorney to even the field and to represent you.

Can your military family law attorney help me file my case in Texas?

As a resident of Texas, even if you are deployed outside the state, our military family law attorney can help you file in Texas, as explained in Texas Family Code Section 6.303.

If I don’t claim Texas as my home state, but I’m deployed in Texas, can I file my case in Texas?

As long as you have served in the state of Texas for at least six months, you may be able to file your case in Texas, rather than in your home state. Our military family law attorneys can help you determine the best path forward.

At the Amsberry Law Firm, our team always focuses on the needs of our clients, including our military clients. Because we know that you don’t have a lot of control over your schedule and your personal time, we work hard to make ourselves available to answer your questions at a time that is convenient for you. Trust us to handle the legal aspects of your family law case, so you can continue to focus on your work as a service member and on your free time with your family.

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Don’t just select a family lawyer at random when you or your spouse serves in the military. You need – and deserve – a representative who understands exactly what you are going through. We know how to handle the unusual situations that arise in these types of cases. Trust our military family attorneys to prepare thoroughly for your case, working to anticipate any twists and turns the case may take because of your time in the military.

It is important to us to provide the highest level of service possible to our military clients, and you can be certain we will work hard on your behalf. Where some law firms may try to avoid accepting cases involving military members because of the potential complexities, we feel honored to be able to represent people who are willing to serve. Contact Amsberry Law Firm and our military family law attorney today at (210) 354-2244 to discuss your case.

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