Six Essential Pieces of a Pre-Planned Adoption Agreement

For many, becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys. Sadly, the process for some can be incredibly challenging. In today’s society, however, there are many paths to achieving that goal. Some couples simply conceive naturally, together, and are able to build their families. Others, due a broad range of circumstances, choose other methods, such as adopting children privately or from agencies and even Read More

How Does an Affair Affect Divorce?

If your spouse has had an affair, there is no doubt it has affected your marriage. In fact, it may even be one of the reasons, if not the sole reason, for your divorce. While infidelity is hurtful and often causes irreparable damage to relationships, in Texas it is not illegal. That said, extramarital affairs can impact your divorce. If adultery has played a role in your relationship and you are considering a Read More

What to do if you are denied unemployment in Texas

What should you do if you are denied unemployment in TX? As an employee, you can apply for unemployment compensation benefits, which are intended to sustain those who lost their job through no fault of their own. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will evaluate your unemployment benefits based on past wages, ongoing eligibility requirements, and job separation(s). If your claim goes through, you will receive Read More

How Do I Get a No-Fault Divorce in Texas?

Couples have a few different options when officially filing the paperwork for divorce. It is possible to file for a divorce when you are blaming your spouse’s actions for causing you to do this. This is a divorce with fault. However, it is also possible to file without listing a reason for seeking a divorce, which is a no-fault divorce. So, how do I get a no-fault divorce in Texas? When you want to try to get a Read More

Is Alimony Based on Current Income?

When clients seek our help in a divorce case, questions about alimony often are top of mind. Whether they are seeking a first-time decision on alimony or modification to an existing alimony, they often want to know whether alimony is based on current income. Both spouses involved in the divorce must complete paperwork that proves their current financial situation, including any income they currently have. The court Read More

The Pros and Cons of Guardianship

If you have an adult child with a disability or are providing primary care for a child who is not biologically your own, you may want to consider a guardianship. This is a legal status where you take on the responsibilities for providing care and for making legal decisions on behalf of another individual. When deciding whether to become a guardian, it is important to know the pros and cons of guardianship. This is Read More

7 Most Important Factors in Child Custody Decisions

Going through a divorce is always hard, but things become much more difficult and complex when custody of children is part of the divorce negotiations. Children automatically raise the stakes in the divorce proceedings, as few parents ever want to give up time with their little ones. When a divorcing couple cannot agree upon terms for custody and for a parenting plan through negotiations, custody decisions will be Read More

Understanding the Difference between Dependent and Independent Estate Administration

In most cases, you have two options to handle your estate. You can choose either dependent or independent estate administration. However, do you know the difference between dependent and independent estate administration? If not, don’t worry – you aren’t the only one. The entire probate process for your Texas estate depends on the option you choose, so it’s a good idea to get to know the difference between these Read More

Does Texas Have a Medicaid Spend Down?

How Do I Spend Down Assets for Medicaid? Most of us will require nursing home or other long-term care at some point in our lives. What’s worrying is how expensive it is. Medicare coverage for long-term care is very limited; private health insurance policies generally do not cover long-term care; and few people have private long-term care insurance policies. While overall costs vary, Texans needing nursing care Read More

Types of Appeals in a Divorce Case

Even when it’s over, it’s not over. Couples who divorce have to come to terms on a wide variety of issues: child custody and division of assets are two examples. Although there are many advantages to resolving issues outside of a courtroom, that isn’t always feasible. There also tends to be a lot of pressure and stress that comes with allowing someone else to decide the outcome of your case. Take a fresh look at Read More