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My wife and I had gone to see several other estate planning lawyers, many of whom had good ideas and strategies, but none gave the attention to detail and walked us through the process of creating an effective estate plan that took into account several considerations we had never thought of before but which were important to us. In the end, Mr. Amsberry crafted an estate plan which gave us the assurance that our estate would pass as we intended while capturing every conceivable measure to minimized the federal estate tax, which would be owed on our deaths. Using the strategies he showed us by setting FLPs, LLC, and various trust, will save our estate in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. My hat goes off to Russ!

J. F.

The attorneys at The Amsberry Law Firm were incredible. I spoke to several attorneys about an employment issue that I had, but ultimately chose his firm because he and his staff took the time to fully understand my concerns, explain to me the costs involved in litigation, and describe the litigation process. Fortunately for me, I made the right choice! Mr. Amsberry was not only very supportive and extremely knowledgeable about all facets of employment law, he was impressive litigator, and his staff worked tirelessly on my behalf.

A. A.

My company found itself in a situation where the Department of Labor, IRS and EEOC were launched by complaints of a former disgruntled employee’s, who was terminated for misconduct. I felt like I was cornered on all sides and then the Law Offices of Russell Amsberry came to rescue and assisted with marshaling evidence to defend against allegations of wage and tax fraud as well as discriminatory practices, and diffuse a very difficult situation by a malicious former employee. Russell has since helped create policies and practices that should minimize if not eliminate a situation like this ever happening. My many thanks go to him and his team. They saved me much heartache. I cannot express the accolades I have for Russ and his office.

T. B.

Russell Amsberry and his staff were amazing. My former boss had been repeatedly harassing me and then fired me after I complained. He then reported to other co-workers that I had been making sexually inappropriate gestures to him. My job and my dignity seemed destroyed. Mr. Amsberry took me through the EEOC process, used considerable resources, and got the company to settle well in the six figures. I felt restored not only financially but personally. He fought hard and won.

N. J. W.

When my ex-husband kidnapped my children and went out of state, I feared I would never see them again. A friend of mine had recommended me to Russell Amsberry, and his office went the distance tracking down my ex-husband and getting a court order bringing him and my children back to Texas. I cannot thank his office enough for what he did to get my children back to me and bar my ex-husband from having possession of them again. I am a very indebted client and I will always steer people in your direction.

B. J.