Employers: Why You Need a Policies & Procedures Manual

Many employers think of a policies & procedures manual as unnecessary since they can just manage day to day events as they come up without having to have every little thing written down. The fact is, however, that this type of manual is not only important for ensuring things are done efficiently and appropriately all the time, but also offers some legal protections in many cases.


One of the main benefits of a policies and procedures manual is that it helps to standardize the way things are done within a business. This starts with the procedures that employees are following, but it extends into every aspect of the business including disciplinary action, responding to problems, and much more.

Easier Training

Having this type of documentation in place makes the training process much easier. Rather than having each person trained by an employee who does things a little differently, the training can be conducted right out of the policies and procedures manual, which ensures everyone is doing things the same way.

Clear Expectations

Perhaps most importantly, a properly written policies and procedures manual will ensure everyone is aware of their expectations. If someone breaks a company policy, especially if it has legal ramifications, the company can refer them to the manual as proof that they should have known the way things should have been handled.

Succession Planning

Many people don’t realize this, but a good policies & procedures manual can be an essential part of succession planning. If something should happen to a business owner where they are temporarily or permanently unable to run the business, it should be possible for the business to continue by simply following the established policies and procedures.

Working with an Attorney

While a policies & procedures manual may not be like many other legal documents, it can carry considerable legal weight in many situations. These types of manuals should ideally be written by, or at least with the consultation of, an attorney who is experienced in business law. This will help to avoid potential legal challenges, and ensure the business is legally protected in as many scenarios as possible.

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