Schertz Probate Attorney

At Amsberry Law, we understand the importance of family and the critical need to deal with qualified probate attorneys. Our Schertz probate attorneys are always ready to assist you in preparing a cost-effective type of probate that will suit your situation and needs.

Our Amsberry Law Professionals will give you systematic and unambiguous legal remedies for your probate case and walk you through the probate process.

What Exactly Can Our Probate Lawyer in Schertz Help You Achieve?

The counsel of an Amsberry probate lawyer in Schertz will:

  • Assist you in preserving estate assets
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Provide you with answers and dedicated representation.

The Probate Process Explained

Probate is a court process that involves gathering the assets of a deceased person, notifying creditors, paying off debts, and then giving the rest of the assets to the beneficiaries. We help executors and administrators get through the pre-approval process and manage the estate throughout the probate process.

What Specific Areas Do Our Lawyers Handle?

Our Schertz probate lawyer will help you with the probate process, which includes managing the estate, filing federal and state inheritance tax returns, and offering any other legal support needed.

Executor Representation

Suppose a friend or family member has died, and you have been named the executor or authorized representative for the estate. In that case, we will help you with the entire process of executor representation.

Representation of the Beneficiary

If you are a trust benefactor and want to ensure that the executor and perhaps even trustee are doing their job, we will represent you. Our Amsberry Law legal team works around the clock to ensure a successful beneficiary representation.

Avoiding Probate

We can also ensure that your family doesn’t have to go through the probate process where the option is plausible.

Why You Should Choose Our Probate Lawyer In Schertz

We have helped many clients in the Schertz, gaining valuable knowledge in probate practice. We address cases with tenacity and commitment. Our mission is to always surpass our client’s objectives through mediation or pursuing cases to trial if required. We use a collaborative approach to ensure that clients get the most out of our services.

Our Schertz Probate Attorney Will Stay By Your Side From Start To Finish

Our probate attorneys in Schertz are admitted to practice in all Texas state courts, the Fifth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Our staff at Amsberry Law also has vast expertise dealing in Kendall County and Schertz probate courts. With a team of skilled professionals, we also represent clients in the courts and counties in the areas surrounding Schertz.

Our Probate Attorneys In Schertz Know The Ins And Outs Of The Local Courts

We know the persons who operate in the local probate courts and how to hasten our filings with them to provide our clients with quality service. This also means we will be there for you throughout the process. Our philosophy is to pay careful attention to client situations; therefore, we don’t take on so many clients at once that we can’t offer each of them our complete attention. We also realize how difficult it may be for someone to deal with a probate case while also dealing with the grief and confusion that come with losing a loved one. This might be daunting, and our Schertz probate attorneys understand how you feel.

We Will Explain The Procedure In Terms You Can Understand

Our firm is dedicated to giving value to both people and systems. Check out our testimonials from clients we have helped through the probate process; you will see that we make it our duty to provide the best service to all clients needing our help. We’ll make it our mission to advocate for your best interests in whatever situation arises.

A Notch Above Our Competitors

There are many reasons why everyone looking for probate attorneys in Schertz considers our services.

We Value Associations

Most clients hear about us from friends and family — not advertising. Does this reputation tell our story and our commitment to customers? Get in touch with a probate lawyer in Schertz today and experience unmatched customer relations.

Strong Work Ethic

Our team at Amsberry Law is dedicated to serving all clientele professionally and excellently. This has always been our rallying call when dealing with clients.

Experience is King

Our team has a long-standing reputation for handling probate-related cases with utmost care.

We Leverage Technology

On our bank-secured online client portal, you can see your whole case, talk to us 24/7, and look at billing statements, documents, and other information online.

What Tasks Can Our Amsberry Law Team Help You With?

A probate lawyer can help probate beneficiaries with the following tasks during the probate process:

  • Getting the money from insurance plans
  • Finding and protecting the estate’s assets
  • Getting valuations of the deceased’s real estate
  • Helping people pay their bills and debts
  • Preparing and submitting all the paperwork that a probate court needs
  • Figuring out if any estate or estate taxes are due and trying to make sure those bills are paid
  • Getting income tax problems fixed
  • Taking care of the estate’s bank account
  • Transferring assets in the name of the deceased to the right people
  • After all bills and levies have been paid, disbursing the rest of the assets to the beneficiaries.

We welcome inquiries from clients in Schertz and the surrounding areas. Please call (210) 354-2244 or contact us online to schedule a consultative meeting with us.

Schertz Probate FAQs

Gray areas in probate practice in Schertz come up now and then, posing a challenge for potential clients. This is also something we are ideally placed to handle. When answering these questions, we provide realistic answers, focusing on what is available in Schertz. Among these are the following:

Who in Schertz can dispute a will?

According to a Schertz probate attorney, the law expressly provides that only interested parties are entitled to dispute a will in the State of Texas. They include heirs, the divorcee, spouses, creditors, and any other party with verifiable property rights.

Can I challenge an executor in a will in Schertz?

An executor has a fiduciary obligation over an asset, which means they are responsible for probating the will, acquiring estate assets, paying bills and taxes, and correctly distributing estate assets according to the will’s provisions. Even in Schertz, they can be dismissed as executors if they fail to operate in good faith.

How long will it take to complete the probate process in Schertz?

Based on the complexity of the estate, the probate procedure in Schertz might be completed in 30 days (if the deceased left a will) or it could take several years. Some restrictions, however, control when and where probate proceedings must happen.

  • A will, for instance, must be probated less than four years after the date of death for all property to pass under the will’s provisions.
  • The filings should be made in the county where your loved one resided or where their main asset was situated.

Call Our Schertz Probate Attorneys Today to Get Started

The probate process in Schertz may be a complicated procedure. Controversial situations may develop that will take dedication and talent to handle. We can confidently state that our team of committed Schertz probate attorneys can tackle complexities whenever they arise, based on our established track record in managing such situations.

If you have questions that weren’t answered here, please call us at (210) 354-2244 to book a no-obligation session.

In general, Amsberry Law has the expertise and experience necessary to guide you through the probate procedure in Schertz. Speaking with our attorneys may assist you in ensuring that everything is done correctly and that your loved one’s final desires are carried out.

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