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Probate is the court-supervised process of administering someone’s estate once they have passed. If the deceased dies with a will, the process in Seguin is simplified, as opposed to dying without a will, or intestate, which is more complex.

After the loss of a loved one, you will have a wide range of emotions and concerns. As you are working through your grief, you may discover that your loved one did not leave a will. You are now looking at trying to work through a potentially complicated and contentious situation where your loved one’s estate must go through probate.

A court can acknowledge a person’s death and then facilitate the identification and allocation of their assets through the probate procedure. Fortunately, you are not alone. Our Seguin probate attorney is ready to help with the entire process from beginning to end.

Regardless of what lies ahead during your loved one’s probate, our probate lawyer in Seguin will be by your side to navigate any legal challenges and successfully close the estate as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help You Determine the Best Path Forward

Amsberry Law has built a culture of focus and attention to detail. We recognize the need for high-quality legal representation in a rapidly changing environment, and we work hard every day to satisfy our clients’ needs. We also recognize that going the additional mile is often what differentiates a successful practice from a less successful one.

If your case continues to probate court, our team of experienced Seguin probate attorneys will do everything necessary to protect your rights. This could include:

  • Challenging a will if there are aspects that look to be controversial
  • Addressing alleged unfairness in the administration of an estate
  • Questioning the will-maker’s mental competency at the time it was prepared
  • Verifying the legality of wills
  • Assisting in the designation of administrators and making sure that the will’s directives are followed
  • Filing claims for Heirships and Letters of Administration when people die intestate. This is a complex procedure, and support from competent hands will be useful as early as practicable.

Our team of professional probate attorneys in Seguin at Amsberry Law will focus on your work, give you our attention, and use our knowledge to unravel complications that can occur when a person dies.

We welcome inquiries from clients in Seguin and the surrounding area across South and Central Texas. To schedule a consultation meeting with anyone at Amsberry law firm, please call (210) 354-2244 or contact us online today.

Why You Should Choose Our Seguin Probate Lawyer

We have helped many clients in the Seguin and San Antonio area, gaining valuable knowledge in probate practice along the way. We address cases with tenacity and commitment. Our mission is to always surpass our clients’ objectives, whether through mediation or taking cases to trial if required. We use a collaborative approach to ensure that clients get the most out of our services.

Our Seguin Probate Attorney Will Stay by Your Side from Start to Finish

Our probate attorneys in Seguin are admitted to practice in all Texas state courts, the Fifth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Our staff at Amsberry Law also have vast expertise dealing in Kendall County and Seguin probate courts. With a team of skilled professionals, we also represent clients in the courts and counties in the areas surrounding Seguin.

Our Probate Attorneys in Seguin Know the Ins and Outs of the Local Courts

We know the individuals who operate in the local probate courts and how to hasten our filings with them to provide our clients with quality service. This also means that we will be there for you every step of the process.

Our philosophy is to pay careful attention to client situations. Therefore, we do not take on so many clients at once that we cannot offer each one our complete attention. We also realize how difficult it may be for someone to deal with a probate case while also dealing with the grief and confusion that can come with the loss of a loved one. This might be daunting, but our Seguin probate attorneys understand this all too well.

We Will Explain the Probate Process in Terms You Can Understand

Our firm is dedicated to giving value to both people and systems. Read the testimonials from clients we have helped through the probate process.

The probate process can be stressful and particularly difficult to understand. For this reason, we patiently explain the procedure at every juncture to promote your comprehension and participation.

Seguin Probate: Frequently Asked Questions

Engaging in the probate process regularly brings about many questions and concerns. Below are only some of the most asked questions our clients ask regarding probate law and procedures in Seguin:

Who Manages the Probate Case for a Loved One?

The executor, also called the personal representative, is the dedicated individual that manages probate for an individual’s estate. A person can appoint their desired executor in their will, or if the individual dies intestate, the probate court can appoint an executor.

An estate’s executor is usually a person that was close to the decedent, including a spouse, child, parent, or sibling.

What Happens During the Probate Process?

There are several steps in the probate process, and what you could expect depends on certain factors, most importantly if the decedent had a will. When a decedent dies with a will, probate typically goes quicker and smoother. The court authenticates the will and oversees the execution.

If a person dies without a will, it is up to the probate court to dictate property and asset distribution, and other necessary tasks to successfully close out the decedent’s estate.

How Long Does the Probate Process Take to Complete?

The time it takes to close out a probate case depends on the circumstances. If the decedent left a will and there are no complications, probate might be completed in as little as 30 days. However, if there was no will, or there are legal challenges, it could take several months or even years to close the decedent’s estate.

It is important to note that, if a decedent died with a will, the will must be probated within four years of the date of death for the provisions in the will to be executed.

Who is Entitled to Dispute a Will in Seguin?

Not just anyone can dispute a will. Under Texas law, only interested parties can contest a will, including heirs, devisees, spouses, and creditors.


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The probate process in Seguin may be a complicated procedure. Controversial situations may develop that takes dedication and talent to oversee. We are confident that our team of committed Seguin probate attorneys can tackle complexities, whenever they arise, based on our established track record in managing such situations.

If you wish to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable probate attorney, please call us at (210) 354-2244 to book a no-obligation session now.

In general, Amsberry Law has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the probate procedure in Seguin. Speaking with our attorneys may assist you in ensuring that everything is done correctly and that your loved one’s final desires are conducted.

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