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Most people are accustomed to planning for events ahead of time.  They plan family get-togethers, out-of-town travels, and even what to eat for supper. However, it is also very common for people to postpone deciding exactly what will happen to all they have worked tirelessly for and plan for its distribution after they pass away.

Estate planning is not something most people look forward to doing. However, it is one of the most crucial actions one can take to ensure that their ultimate intentions regarding their property and medical care are known and honored. While none of us likes to think about the day when we will no longer be around, you, your friends, and your family deserve the comfort that comes with a carefully thought-out future.

Are you looking for an estate lawyer in Schertz, TX, to help you determine how to distribute your assets after you pass away or decide who will make your healthcare decisions if you become incapacitated? The Amsberry Law Firm is dedicated to assisting its clients with their efforts of planning for the future.

Our team of professional Schertz estate planning attorneys will go above and above for you, taking the time to understand your needs and wants. We recognize and respect the uniqueness of every person and every family scenario. We will ensure that all your decisions are honored and your estate remains secure for your beneficiaries.

What Does Estate Planning Involve?

Estate planning entails deciding how to preserve, manage, and distribute a person’s assets after death. The management of a person’s assets and financial commitments in the case of their incapacity is also taken into account.

Planning an estate can be done for a number of purposes, including conserving family wealth, supporting a remaining spouse and kids, paying for the education of children or grandchildren, or leaving a philanthropic legacy. Houses, vehicles, stocks, fine art, life insurance, and pensions are assets that could be included in a person’s estate. Even in a divorce, your estate planning arrangements will remain valid.

How Can We Help You in Your Estate Planning Process?

Writing a will is the first step in estate planning. With a simple will, you can appoint a guardian for your children and pets, specify where you would like your possessions to go, and describe how you want your funeral preparations to be handled. Our experienced estate lawyer in Schertz, TX, will guide you through the process of writing a valid will.

We will also guide you through other significant aspects of estate planning, including:

  • Setting up trust accounts under the names of your beneficiaries to limit estate taxes
  • Appointing a guardian for dependents
  • Appointing an estate executor to manage the terms of the will
  • Naming new beneficiaries or changing existing ones for plans including IRAs, life insurance, and 401(k)s
  • Organizing funeral services
  • Establishing yearly gifts to approved charities and non-profits to lower the taxed estate
  • Appointing a power of attorney (POA) to manage other resources and investments.

Since estate planning is an ongoing procedure, it is advisable to start estate planning as soon as a person has any discernible wealth base. The estate plan should change as life progresses and goals change to reflect new ambitions.

Note that estate taxes can be as significant as 40%. Even when the taxable estate is not substantial, a will should be created so as not to place an unnecessary burden on surviving family members.

With the help of an experienced estate planning attorney in Texas, you can help secure the future of your loved ones by setting up a plan for tomorrow. Call Amsberry Law at (210) 354-2244 to get started.

Why Choose Our Schertz Estate Lawyer?

We have assisted numerous customers in Schertz, TX, while learning a great deal about probate practice. We approach cases with commitment and persistence, and our commitment is always to surpass our clients’ goals. We utilize a collaborative strategy to ensure our clients gain the most from our services. Below are more reasons to partner with us in your estate planning process.

We’ll Walk with You through the Entire Process

Our estate lawyer in Schertz, TX, has the necessary experience and expertise in Texas laws involving estate planning and probate. We also have plenty of experience working in Texas State Courts, the Fifth Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus, you can rest assured that we will talk and guide you through the entire estate planning and probate process.

We Have a Proven Track Record of Client Satisfaction

Our Schertz estate lawyer is committed to providing value to our clients. As a result, we will consult with you and offer you the best services to ensure your needs and demands are met. Read any of our client testimonials to see the type and quality of service we provide.

Professional and Easy to Work With

As mentioned earlier, our objective is to represent your needs and demands. Our skilled Schertz estate planning attorney will work collaboratively with you to provide top-notch and professional services.

Schertz Estate Lawyer FAQs

Many people are uninformed or confused about the estate planning and probate processes. Due to the experience and expertise of our Schertz estate planning attorney, we are in an excellent position to answer some of their frequently asked questions. These include the following:

What is probate?

Probate is a judicial process of authenticating an already written will and giving a designated executor permission to execute assets. The probate process involves locating and documenting the worth of the deceased’s assets in total. After the assessment, debts, and taxes are settled, the rest is distributed among the beneficiaries.

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

Wills and trusts are both estate planning instruments. Wills directly state how and to whom assets will be disbursed after a person’s death and appoint a legal representative to manage the entire process. On the other hand, a trust distributes assets before the trustor’s death.

Another significant difference between wills and trusts is that a will involves all the property owned by the maker of the will. In contrast, trusts only pertain to specific properties under the trust instrument. Similarly, wills are public documents, while trusts are private.

Can I prevent my family from contesting my will under Texas law?

Almost every family experiences some challenges after the death of a loved one, and these difficulties can affect the administration of an estate. You can implement several actions to increase the likelihood that your preferred arrangement will be honored in the event of your passing. The first step is to consult an experienced Schertz estate lawyer to ensure that your will is executed according to your wishes. You can also inform your loved ones of your decisions while still alive.

Call Estate Planning Lawyer in Schertz Today to Get Started

The estate planning process can be tedious and frustrating. Luckily, our estate lawyer in Schertz, TX, Russell Amsberry, is ready to wholly commit and represent your wants and needs.

Make plans for tomorrow now and ensure that your wishes are respected and recognized. Contact Amsberry Law Firm at (210) 354-224 to speak with our estate planning attorney in Schertz and arrange a consultation for more information on estate planning.

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