How to Help Divorced Friends

Here Are 3 Ways Help Your Divorced Friends

Going through the divorce process can be a lot like grieving. Instead of mourning the loss of a person or a loved one, they are adjusting to what their new future looks like. As their friends, you want to help them through this period in their life. And they should have the support of their friends and family. 

But it is essential to know how to help your divorced friends and to give the right advice. There are things you may have heard or seen that are commonplace. You could assume these things are healthy or are going to make your friends’ lives better. Here are some tips to guide you on how to help people who are going through the divorce process.

United Front

If the divorcing couple has children, they need to show the kids they are still a parenting team. You may encourage your friends to stay away from their ex or forbid them from coming into their homes—especially after the divorce is finalized.

This could send the wrong message to the kids. Boundaries should be established and respected. However, if their attorney doesn’t have any legal concerns (and no one fears for their safety), it is ok to allow an ex into your home as a guest. It could be good for the kids to see their parents interacting and respecting one another. 

Dealing With Emotions

You may wonder what to say to a friend going through a divorce. Regardless of what they are experiencing, try not to downplay it or tell them to get over it. If they feel betrayed or angry, that’s ok. Not only is anger a stage during the grieving cycle, but it can be felt and processed healthily.

Rather than dismissing their emotions, empathize with them and even suggest they seek professional counseling. And offer your support if they choose to do so. Some people may be afraid of criticism and judgment should they decide to meet with a mental health professional. Your support could start them in a better direction. 

Positive Lens

It is possible to empathize and disagree with them at the same time. For example, if your friend is angry about marriage and sees things negatively, listen respectfully. But if you choose to offer a counterpoint, make it a positive one. Give examples of people who are happy in their second marriage rather than discussing the failure rates. 

Guide your discussions towards a place of positivity and hope. Furthermore, it is ok to tell them you don’t know an answer to one of their questions. Honesty wins out. 

How to Help a Friend Through a Divorce

People going through a divorce need a support team, and you can provide that for them. In addition to learning how to help a friend through a divorce, you may have friends who don’t know where to turn for legal guidance. Our team at Amsberry Law Firm is ready to help. With decades of experience, our divorce lawyers are in the best position to protect your interests. Let us handle your legal obstacles so that you can focus on your future.

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