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Our Team Focuses on Grandparent Visitation Rights in Texas

After a divorce with children involved, most of the focus regarding visitation and custody centers on the two parents. This is completely understandable, as Texas courts want to make sure any decisions regarding these topics are made in the best interests of the children and cause as little disruption to the children’s lives as possible. However, divorce also can greatly affect other people involved in the lives of the children, including grandparents. As a San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer, Amsberry Law Firm will take whatever steps we can to try to make sure you as a grandparent have the ability to continue to see the children.

The rights of the grandparents to see the kids typically are not guaranteed as part of most divorce legal proceedings that involve children. If you want to be able to continue to see the grandkids, even when your son or daughter is not the primary guardian or does not have joint custody of the kids, you have to be prepared to fight to seek the outcome you want. When you meet with our San Antonio grandparents’ rights attorney, we will try to give you the most realistic outlook for your hopes of retaining some sort of ability to see your grandchildren.

Child custody situations involving the rights of grandparents can become quite complex in a hurry, but we are ready to help. Call Amsberry Law Firm today at (210) 354-2244 to talk about your situation.

Why You Should Choose Our Team to Help You Seek Your Visitation Rights

We Have a Strong Track Record in Our Almost 3 Decades of Service to Clients

Few things in life are as exciting as becoming a grandparent and having a chance to build a relationship with your grandchildren. Unfortunately, if a divorce occurs, your relationship with the grandkids can flip upside down quickly. You could see the time you can spend with the children reduced significantly or even cut off completely with little warning.

At Amsberry Law Firm, we know exactly how emotional this situation can be for all parties involved, including the grandparents. However, the legal aspects of divorce in Texas often end up ignoring the grandparents’ wishes and hopes. It can almost feel like you are left to pick up the scraps when it comes to spending quality time with the grandkids. As a San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer, we understand both the emotional and legal situation you are facing, and we are ready to try to help you work through both of them.

We Have the Detailed Legal Experience You Need

Attorney Russell Amsberry and our law firm have earned many honors and awards. Some of them include the following.

  • The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) certified Russell in family law and in labor and employment law.
  • Fewer than 1 percent of attorneys in Texas hold these TBLS certifications.
  • In the past, Russell served as a Judge Advocate General, or JAG, in the U.S. Army, helping him approach our current cases from a wide variety of angles.
  • Russell has received honors from Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo.
  • He holds memberships in both the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas for family sections.
  • He holds membership in the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists (TAFLS).

We Provide Emotional Support for You When Seeking Custody and Visitation Rights for Grandparents in Texas

The aforementioned accolades are important and provide proof of the experience and level of professionalism that we give to our clients. However, we are far prouder of the client testimonials we receive after helping families work through challenging family law situations. We focus so much of our time and energy on trying to help our clients reach an outcome they want to see in a divorce or child visitation case that hearing from satisfied clients after the case wraps up is incredibly rewarding for our team.

As you are watching a divorce happen to your son or daughter and you’re wondering what will happen to your time with the grandkids, it can feel like you are all alone. We never want you to feel that way. While we are focusing on dealing with the legal aspects of the case in a way that attempts to help you reach your hopes and goals, we also give you the emotional support you need. Trust that we will stand by your side from the time you hire us until the case concludes.

At Amsberry Law Firm, We Have Many Ways to Help Your Case

Our San Antonio Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Focuses on Family Law Cases

Attorney Russell Amsberry founded our law firm almost three decades ago in 1995. Throughout the years, he primarily focused on family law and everything it entails, including divorce, child custody, and child visitation. Because of our experience with cases like this, we have an ability to approach grandparents’ rights from a variety of angles, depending on the particular circumstances in your case.

Our San Antonio grandparents’ rights attorney does not deploy a cookie cutter approach to every case. Instead, we take the time to listen to you. We want to know anything that you believe is relevant to the case and to your efforts to seek the ability to see the grandkids. Only after we fully understand your goals for the case will we make suggestions on strategies we can use to try to achieve the outcome you want. Additional services our San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer provides to our clients include the following.

  • We explain all potential outcomes and twists and turns the case may take.
  • Even though cases like this can be quite emotional, we attempt to focus on the facts in the case when it’s time to negotiate, keeping emotions on the back burner.
  • We will represent you in a respectful manner, and we will demand that other parties involved treat you with the same level of respect.
  • We are always completely honest with our clients about the possibilities for the outcome they want to see.
Let us show you how hard we work for our clients. To discuss your situation related to seeing your grandchildren, call Amsberry Law Firm as soon as possible at (210) 354-2244.

Let Our San Antonio Grandparents’ Rights Attorney Explain How Grandparent Custody Cases Work

Obtaining Rights to Custody for the Grandchildren Can Be Quite Challenging

One common situation we find when parents are limiting the grandparents’ ability to see the grandkids after a divorce is that the grandparents believe the children are in danger with the parent. Such accusations create hard feelings, which often causes a divorced parent who has custody of the kids to cut the grandparents out of the children’s lives completely.

If you believe the children truly are in danger, you may need to seek custody of the grandchildren, according to the Texas Attorney General. This can be a drawn-out process that is difficult to go through for the entire family. However, it also can be an extremely important process, as the well-being of the grandchildren is of utmost importance. Our San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer can help you work through the legal aspects of attempting to gain custody of your grandchildren.

We Must Prove the Level of Danger for the Grandchildren

The burden of proof regarding the danger for the grandchildren falls to you as the grandparent and to our team that is representing you, meaning there is no room for a mistake. Such cases are challenging, but you can trust the level of professionalism that our San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer provides. We will spend the time required to build the strongest possible case. We do not miss any information or facts that could help to sway the court. Some of the things we may need to provide include:

  • Evidence of mental or physical abuse that’s occurring now
  • Evidence that a drug or alcohol problem for the custodial parent is endangering the grandkids
  • Evidence of the custodial parent’s participating in crimes
  • Evidence of the custodial parent’s neglecting the grandchildren.

After studying the facts in your case and determining what evidence we can gather on behalf of you and your grandchildren, trust us to give you an honest opinion about the strength of your potential case. We believe it is extremely important for us to treat you and all our clients with honesty and integrity. We cannot speak to how other family law firms might treat you, however stretching the truth about the likelihood of winning your case to try to get your hopes up is not how we operate. We always are honest and truthful with you. We give you our opinion and advice on how we should proceed, but the final decision is always up to you.

FAQ: Common Questions Our San Antonio Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Hears

Because of the many potential directions a case involving grandparents attempting to maintain visitation rights with their grandchildren can take, our clients have many questions for our San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer. We’ve listed some of the most common questions our San Antonio family law attorneys hear, as well as the answers, to help you better understand how we handle situations as they arise.

Are the rights of grandparents to visitation a part of the legal child custody agreement in Texas?

Unfortunately, such rights are not part of the typical legal process of setting up visitation and child custody among the parents. You may have to show the court that special circumstances exist to receive these rights.

Are custody and visitation rights for grandparents in Texas allowed to become part of the parenting plan?

In certain circumstances, you can seek custody and visitation rights for grandparents in Texas that the court guarantees. This is most common in cases where the parents are unable to care for the children.

What exactly are grandparent visitation rights in Texas

From a legal sense, grandparent visitation rights in Texas do not occur automatically. The custodial parent could block the ability of the grandparents to see the kids on a regular basis. However, our San Antonio grandparents’ rights lawyer can fight to ask the court to give you these rights.

What if the custodial parent cuts off my rights to see the grandkids several months after the divorce?

If you had the ability to see the grandkids at first, but the custodial parent took away this ability, you first should try to repair whatever relationship problem exists. Trying to re-establish the ability to see the grandkids is often a far better option than further straining the relationship by going to court. Our team can provide some advice on this process.

Do not sit around and hope for the best when it comes to seeking grandparent rights for seeing the grandkids after a divorce. Hire the Amsberry Law Firm, and let our child custody lawyer for parents and grandparents explain all potential outcomes for the case. Trust us to give you a realistic view of what may happen, while answering all the questions you have.

Our San Antonio Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Will Use Our Experience to Fight Hard for the Outcome You Want

Call Amsberry Law Firm for Help Today

When you hire Amsberry Law Firm to represent you in your grandparent visitation rights case, we will not guarantee that you will receive a particular outcome. This would be unethical behavior on our part. Instead, we will only promise to work as hard as we can for you and your grandkids and to treat you and your case with compassion and professionalism.

Understand that Texas courts always focus on what is in the best interests of the children when deciding visitation and custody rights for the parents and grandparents. Consequently, this is the first aspect of your case that we will discuss and study. Whatever strategy we attempt to deploy must start by considering the best outcome for the kids. We then fight hard to seek the outcome you want to see, so you can maintain the type of relationship you want with your grandchildren.

To start the process, call Amsberry Law Firm today at (210) 354-2244. We understand that you are placing your faith in us to help you and your grandchildren, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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Attorney Russell J.G. Amsberry

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