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After you go through the divorce process, including the potentially contentious determination of child custody, you may feel a sense of relief at being able to move forward in your new life with your kids. However, when your ex-spouse announces plans to move to a new community or out of state a few months later, the entire process can start again. Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer is ready to represent you in these new child custody negotiations and hearings, working toward a solution that fits you and your family.

When one spouse wants to move to a new location after a divorce, it’s understandable. That spouse may want to be closer to family members or may need a fresh start. However, when children are caught in the middle, fighting against the move may be well worth it.

At Amsberry Law, we have decades of experience in family law and divorce law. We understand the stress and worry that this situation can cause for you, and we are ready to help. Call our child custody relocation lawyer today at (210) 354-2244 to discuss your case.

How Our San Antonio Child Relocation Lawyer Can Help You

Amsberry Law Always Has Your and Your Children’s Best Interests in Mind

Relocation cases are among the toughest for parents to deal with in the aftermath of a divorce. Our San Antonio child relocation lawyers understand the emotions involved. If you and your spouse did not get along during the marriage or disagreed about what was best for the children, trying to come to an agreement about a relocation – where the non-custodial parent may not see the children as often – is extremely difficult.

By hiring our team, you can trust that we will focus on facts, not emotions. Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer does not have an emotional history with your spouse, so we can focus on the facts in the case. Our professionalism and attention to detail can give you the confidence that we will work as hard as we can to seek the outcome you want. Regardless of how your spouse’s representatives and your spouse choose to behave, our focus on sticking to the facts in a professional manner has a proven track record.

Our San Antonio Child Relocation Lawyers Focus on Family Law Cases

At Amsberry Law, we have many client testimonials that show how we helped our past clients, working hard to try to achieve their desired results. One of the reasons why we have success with these types of cases is that our primary focus is on family law, including divorce and child custody cases. Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer precisely understands how these cases work, because this is where we spend the majority of our time.

If you select a law firm that only handles the occasional child custody case or that only deals with divorce cases when it is lacking in other types of cases, you may not receive a full understanding of all your options. At Amsberry Law, our child custody relocation lawyer will spell out all the possibilities, ensuring we are attempting to settle the case in the manner that makes the most sense for your unique set of circumstances.

Why You Should Choose Amsberry Law to Help As Your San Antonio Child Relocation Attorney

Our San Antonio Child Relocation Lawyer Gives Your Case Our Full Attention

Nearly three decades have passed since Attorney Russell Amsberry founded our law firm. Although we have delivered results for many satisfied clients in a variety of family law cases over that time frame, his goals and areas of emphasis when he started the firm have not changed – giving clients exceptional, focused representation on the exact issues they have.

He understands that clients come to us for help with some of the most challenging things they will ever encounter in their lives. Clients are trusting us to support them both legally and emotionally.

Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer takes that responsibility very seriously. We never cut corners or try to rush a client through the process so we can move on to the next case. When we are representing you, trust that you will have our full attention. Let us show you why our San Antonio child relocation lawyer has so many satisfied clients. Call Amsberry Law at (210) 354-2244 today to review your situation.

San Antonio Child Relocation Attorneys Can Explain How Courts Focus on the Best Interests of the Child

Our San Antonio Child Relocation Lawyer Fights Hard to Keep Your Kids Safe

One of the most confusing aspects of a child relocation case is determining whether the move is in the best interests of the child. Texas statute Sec. 153.002 requires that any decisions around child custody must primarily consider whether judgments will be in the best interests of the child.

So what exactly does the best interests of the child mean? Courts have a bit of flexibility in ruling on this factor. In basic terms, it means that any decision must provide the best situation for the child’s well-being and long-term health, giving the child the best chance at a successful life. Certainly, your ex-spouse who is planning to move may have a far different idea of how to achieve this. Our child relocation lawyer is ready to explain the facts in the case as you see them when it comes to the best interests of the child.

Our San Antonio Child Relocation Lawyer Can Help You Present Your Side of the Story

It’s frustrating when it feels like your opinions are not part of the conversation when your ex-spouse wants to move far away with your kids. As your San Antonio child relocation lawyers, we demand that your thoughts and opinions be part of the decision. For example, although your spouse may believe that a move for a new job will help the kids because of an increase in income, we can counter that argument by saying that moving the kids away from their friends, family, and you may create instability, especially if your ex-spouse’s new job requires long working hours or significant travel.

Perhaps you are the parent with primary custody who wants to move, but your ex-spouse is protesting the proposed move. In a situation like this, our San Antonio child relocation attorney may be able to show that the move will give the kids a greater opportunity with better schools and better medical care. Perhaps you want to move to be closer to your extended family. Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer can use this fact to show the court that by having more family members in their lives, the children will have a more supportive environment that they have now.

Strong negotiating skills are important in a case like this. We may be able to come to an agreement with your ex-spouse that allows the move in exchange for changes to visitation schedules, for example. Trust that we at Amsberry Law will consider every option to try to develop a solution that gives you and your kids the best chance at a great outcome.

Common Questions for Our Child Custody Relocation Lawyer

FAQs: Amsberry Law Keeps Our Clients Informed at Every Step of the Way

Our San Antonio child relocation lawyer understands that the process of amending a child visitation or custody agreement can be confusing. You do not want to agree to a change without fully understanding the ramifications, especially when your ex-spouse is discussing a move to a new city. Our team always takes the time to answer any questions our clients have. Some of the most common questions our family law attorneys hear in child relocation cases include the following.

Can your child custody relocation lawyer control how far my spouse can move in Texas?

Typically, the custodial parent can move as far away as an adjacent county without requiring a renegotiation of the child custody situation, but exceptions exist. Our child custody relocation lawyer can help you determine whether seeking a new custody agreement is appropriate.

How long does a relocation case take with your San Antonio child relocation attorneys?

If both spouses agree on the parameters of the relocation, a few months is typical. However, when disagreements occur, the process could take up to a year. Trust that our San Antonio child relocation attorneys will do everything possible to move the case along.

If I want to move out of state with the kids, do I have to receive permission from my ex-spouse?

If you are the primary custodian for your children, you need to receive permission from the other parent to take a child out of state. If the other parent refuses to give consent, you must ask the court for permission. Amsberry Law can help in all these situations, working to modify the custody agreement.

What if my child doesn’t want to relocate with my ex-spouse to another state?

Texas statute Sec. 153.009 allows a child aged 12 and older to tell the court which parent the child prefers to live with. The court doesn’t have to grant the child’s wishes, but it can take those wishes into account. Younger children do not get to tell the court about a preference.

Can your San Antonio child relocation attorney help me decide how far I can move with my child legally?

Certainly, our San Antonio child relocation attorney can give you advice on what we think the court will decide regarding your proposed move. However, we must also take into account whether your spouse will contest the proposed move.


Although it would be unethical for our San Antonio child relocation attorneys to guarantee that you will receive a certain outcome in your case, what our child custody attorneys can promise is that we will work tirelessly to try to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We also promise to keep our clients informed at every step along the way, answering whatever questions you may have. Once you hire us, you can trust us to take whatever time is necessary to learn about your case and to give you the professional representation you deserve.

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Family law cases can be challenging for everyone involved, especially when they involve divorce, child visitation, and child custody decisions. When the other parent wants to alter an agreement, to move farther away from you, potentially affecting your ability to see your children, it’s a worrisome situation.

Even if Amsberry Law did not represent you in your original divorce proceedings, we are ready to represent you during negotiations for any changes to the original child custody agreement related to issues like child relocation.

We understand that time may be of the essence in a case like this, and we will be ready to begin working for you as soon as you hire us. Call our San Antonio child relocation lawyers at (210) 354-2244 today to discuss your case.

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