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What To Expect When You Hire Our New Braunfels Child Support Attorney

When you and your spouse decide it’s best to get a divorce, it can be a pretty emotional time for everyone involved, especially when it comes to children and agreeing on what’s in their best interests. You can count on your New Braunfels child support lawyer of the Amsberry Law Firm to be there to make sure that the children get what they need.

If your spouse tries to give false statements against you, we’ll use our years of case experience to get the truth out. We will use our expertise to anticipate the moves of your ex-spouse’s legal team. You deserve to get some stability back into your life after going through these financial and emotional challenges, and the Amsberry Law Firm will be there for you at every step of the process.

We Always Give Our Clients the Respect They Deserve

Support negotiations and hearings typically bring up emotions that may have been hidden before. If the parents aren’t able to cooperate well, this complicates the process and leaves the children’s well-being in jeopardy. Having a child support attorney can be a big help in the process by keeping everyone focused on what’s important — the children.

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We will always strive to deliver the highest possible representation for our clients in the New Braunfels area as well as the surrounding counties.

Why You Should Choose Our Child Support Attorneys at Amsberry Law Firm

The founder of the Amsberry Law Firm, Russell Amsberry, has more than two decades of experience focusing on family law. He has been committed to helping military members in the New Braunfels area, taking action to get his clients the best results for their child support needs. Russell Amsberry is a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Texas Academy of Family Law.

When we’re up against a complex case, we use our past experience to get you what you and your family deserve. We are always happy to stand in for you at hearings or to negotiate with your ex-spouse. When you hire our family law attorney, we’ll talk with you about your concerns and plan our next steps to meet the needs of the children while letting the final decision be yours on how we proceed.

Importance of Understanding a Child Support Judgment

Texas has statutes that say how the court should determine which parent will pay child support and the amount they’ll be ordered to pay. But every case is unique and may require the negotiating skills of our New Braunfels child support attorney to get you and your children a favorable outcome.

Determining Who the Non-Custodial Parent Is

Primary custody is typically given to the parent who takes care of the children the majority of the time. The other parent is the non-custodial parent and will most likely be ordered to pay child support.

Determining Amount of Child Support Payments

Along with Texas’ statutes for figuring out who should get custody and who should pay, there are guidelines for figuring out the amount as well. One factor is the number of children there are and how much the non-custodial parent’s income is. If they are responsible for the children’s medical expenses, this will also be calculated into a monthly payment. If your situation after the divorce changes and you feel that the initial order does not meet the present needs of the children, we can help you request a modification.

How Our Child Support Attorney in New Braunfels, TX, Will Help Your Case

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not you need a legal representative.  You may think that you and your ex can work out an agreement without paying for an attorney. But the average divorce isn’t as simple just applying a formula, and emotions often cause a once-amicable partnership to dissolve into antagonism. A child support attorney can help you stick with the facts in your case to reach a solution that benefits you and your children.

If the judge finds that the proposed child support agreement is unfair or inadequate, they will require an adjustment so that it’s fair for everyone. It’s best to avoid this by utilizing the skills of an experienced family law attorney from the outset. The Amsberry Law Firm knows how to structure arguments so that the facts are clear and support your goals.

Our New Braunfels Child Support Lawyer Doesn’t Back Down from Any Tough Cases

At Amsberry Law Firm, we take pride in being prepared for anything that may happen in a case, no matter how complex it may be. Our child support attorneys always give our clients their full attention. We’re here to help you by answering questions, gathering information, crafting solutions, and representing you at hearings.

We understand the trust you put into our law firm during your child support case. We always take this responsibility seriously, so don’t wait. Call us for a review of your case at (210) 354-2244 and let us get you some help.

How Child Support Works in Texas

Even though each case’s characteristics are ultimately different from others, there are some steps you have to go through that are the same.

Determining Paternity

If there’s any doubt or disagreement about who the father is, then there will probably have to be a paternity test. Children deserve to have their financial needs met, but the right person needs to take responsibility. This can be an emotional part of custody hearings but is needed so there can be a fair result.

Obtaining a Court Order

Our child support attorneys will negotiate the support amount with your spouse according to the state’s formula and any other relevant circumstances. If both parties are in agreement, we’ll take it to the judge for approval; otherwise, there will need to be a hearing so the judge can set an amount. Our child support lawyer in New Braunfels, TX, will vigorously present your case at the hearing to achieve a fair and adequate amount of child support.

Receiving Child Support Payments

If your spouse has fallen behind on payments or refuses to pay, we can help you get the payment you and your children deserve. We work closely with the Texas Child Support Division to help you receive your payments. We can also act on your behalf and ask that the payments be deducted from their paycheck or request the placement of liens.

There are a few avenues we can use to help you get the payments owed to you. 

Trust Our Child Support Lawyer in New Braunfels, TX

We strive to always keep our clients informed about their cases. Once hired, we’ll be here to answer your questions, without delay. We want to see you succeed in your case and not just get it over with. We will not rush the case just to get a result but take our time to get the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do child support payments last?

In Texas, child support ends once the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school. If there’s a disability involved, then it could extend past age 18.

Does Missing a Payment Affect Visitation?

Child support and visitation are not intertwined. You cannot deny your ex the right to visit the children parent even if they are behind on child support payments. Any changes in visitation must be ordered by the court.

What If the Parent That Owes Moves Out of State?

Even if the parent who has been ordered to pay child support moves out of state, the child support payments must still be paid and will continue to be enforced under Texas Statutes. State agencies will work together to track down a deadbeat parent and get the child support they were ordered to pay by the Texas court.

Our New Braunfels Child Support Lawyer Can Help Request Changes in Child Support Payments

Even if you and your spouse agreed on certain terms regarding payments, your family’s life may have changed in a couple of years since the agreement. The paying parent may have received a promotion or, alternatively, may have suffered a financial setback.  The receiving parent may be facing unanticipated expenses related to the children and find that the originally ordered amount of child support does not meet their needs.  In either situation, the Amsberry Law Firm can help by requesting a modification.

Paying Less in Child Support

If a circumstance arose where you lost your job, you can file for another court order so your payment amount can be recalculated. At the Amsberry Law Firm, our child support attorneys can help make the request, show why the relief is needed, and possibly obtain approval of a new child support order.

You need to understand that payments on your old order are still in effect until the new one goes through. You can’t just stop making payments, because this can cause problems later on.

Receiving More in Child Support

If you think your children need to receive more money, we’ll gather the appropriate documentation and ask the court to calculate a revised amount of child support. We won’t back down, and we’ll make sure that the other side doesn’t waste time stalling or attempt to hide assets.

Our Clients are Reassured They Can Rely on Our Family Law Expertise

We have a strong reputation in New Braunfels as family law attorneys and can assist you in the following types of family law cases:

  • Divorce
  • Child support and custody
  • Child visitation
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Paternity testing
  • Property division
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Postnuptial agreement
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adoption

We represent our clients in an aggressive yet professional manner, offering compassion while also working hard to get the best results.

Our Child Support Attorneys are Ready to Represent Your Interests

We immensely appreciate the opportunity to represent you in your case. For a case review call the Amsberry Law Firm at (210) 354- 2244.

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Attorney Russell J.G. Amsberry

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