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The mutual decision that it’s best if you and your spouse go your separate ways can be an emotional affair for anyone who’s affected. This is particularly true when the kids are involved, and you must agree on what serves their best interests.

The amount of support the custodial parent receives is among the most challenging issues to address in a Schertz divorce proceeding involving minors. Whether or not you live with your kids, you want all their needs to be addressed. But you don’t want to be held accountable for an amount beyond your fair share.

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Why You Should Choose Our Child Support Attorneys at Amsberry Law Firm

When you choose Amsberry Law Firm, you choose a top child support attorney in Schertz, TX. The firm’s founder, Russell Amsberry, boasts over two decades of experience handling family law cases.

Throughout this period, he has remained committed to helping his diverse clients get the best outcome for their children’s needs. He is also a member of the Texas Academy of Family Law and Trial Lawyers of America.

The experienced attorney works alongside knowledgeable and dedicated professionals specializing in family law, divorce, and child custody. Together, the team uses their combined experience to fight for what you and your family members deserve. Moreover, they’re always happy to handle spousal negotiations and stand in for their clients’ hearings.

When you hire the family law firm, the experts will discuss your concerns before planning the next steps to meet the children’s needs, offering guidance while leaving the final decisions up to you. Check out the client testimonials section to learn about their experience with our firm.

How A Schertz Child Support Lawyer from Amsberry Law Firm Can Help

Child support cases are highly sensitive, and it can be risky to go about it without legal representation. Fortunately, a Schertz child support attorney from Amsberry Law Firm can come through for you in the following ways:

Explain the Child Support Process

An experienced child support lawyer in Schertz, TX, has handled numerous such cases and knows the process of the law. They’ll explain the process from the initial steps you must follow to the end.  The Amsberry team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have.

Child Support Implementation Assistance

Implementation comes right after all parties have agreed on the terms, and then the paperwork begins. But not all divorcing couples agree, and many determine custody and monthly payments through court hearings. Once you’re at a common ground, the child support attorney can enforce child support agreements and custody.

Help Negotiate Child Support Payments

With you and your ex may agree that the interests of your children are paramount, you may disagree about who should pay child support and how much.  The child support attorneys of Amsberry Law Firm will use their experience and knowledge of the law to ensure that the terms of child support following your divorce are both sufficient and equitable.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Both parents have legal rights, to equitable support arrangements and proper visitation. So, if you feel like your partner is stripping away your rights, you can settle the matter by involving a Schertz child support attorney. The lawyer will ensure that each one of you is treated fairly when it comes to child support and a continuing relationship with the children.

How Is Child Support Established in Schertz?

Many parents believe that the country’s child support system favors one party over the other or is unfair, but a calculated system determines how much each one must pay. It computes both partners’ gross income and considers healthcare costs.

Enforcing Child Support in Family Court

Many noncustodial parents fail to make payments as required by the child support order. In such circumstances, the custodial parent may file an enforcement action requesting the judge to order the delinquent parent to play by the rules.

How Judges and the State Collect Overdue Payments

Family court judges and the state use efficient financial and legal resources and avenues to obtain overdue payments from parents with past-due accounts. Depending on the case, they can:

  • File liens against assets and property
  • Collaborate with other state agencies to recover the amount from paying parents who move out of Texas
  • Intercept the parent’s federal income tax refunds, lottery winnings, and other federal and state monies
  • Refer cases back to court
  • Withhold the wages of the delinquent parent.

The noncustodial parent can avoid such outcomes by paying the total child support amount on time. Reach out to your Schertz child custody attorney so that they can guide you if you are experiencing problems with past-due child support.

Modifying Possession, Custody, and Access

First, remember that any modification you request must be in your children’s best interests. Once the court establishes that the suggested changes are meant to serve your kids’ needs, your request must meet one of the following qualifications:

Your child’s material circumstances, yours, or those of your partner must have substantially changed since the previous order date or the date you signed and agreed to the mediated agreement.

Your child has turned twelve and has informed the judge of their preferences about which parent should have primary custody.

The conservator with exclusive rights to determine your kids’ primary residence voluntarily relinquishes the possession and care of your child for over six months.

At their complete discretion, the judge can determine what’s in your child’s best interests. They’ll make their determination based on your child’s safety, health, and overall wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody Cases in Schertz

Can I Modify a Support Agreement?

Yes, you can. The paying parent can request the modification if circumstances change materially and significantly.

What If I Miss a Payment?

If you miss one payment, get caught up as soon as possible. But if you continuously miss payments, the family court judge could hold you in contempt, leading to a criminal warrant for arrest. Moreover, you may face wage garnishments and liens to make up the outstanding balance.

What If the Parent That Owes Moves Out of State?

If the parent who’s supposed to pay moves to another state, they must continue with the payments in line with Texas statutes. The two states’ child support agencies will work jointly to track a deadbeat parent and recover the amount.

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