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Our Divorce Lawyer in Seguin Can Guide Your Through One of Life’s Most Challenging Moments

When couples get married, divorce is the furthest thing from their minds. Instead, they enjoy the feelings of joy and excitement and thoughts of being together forever.

Unfortunately, life can have a way of surprising couples with the unexpected. Circumstances change, and sometimes divorcing is the best option for all parties and their futures.

The divorce process can be stressful and drawn out. You’ll have to tackle important topics, including property division, spousal support, and child-related matters if there are children. The decisions made during a divorce can impact your and your children’s lives.

Divorce laws and procedures in Texas can be stressful to navigate alone. Whether you and your spouse are engaging in the divorce process amicably or there is tension, having a knowledgeable Seguin divorce lawyer on your side can make the process easier to bear.

The legal team at Amsberry Law Firm is ready to guide you through your divorce.

What Makes Amsberry Law Firm So Unique?

Amsberry Law Firm comprises some of the best divorce lawyers in Seguin. Because the outcome of your divorce will have long-term consequences for you and your family, you should consult with experienced divorce attorneys in Seguin at Amsberry Law Firm.

At every level of the divorce process, our skilled Seguin attorney will handle all legal concerns relating to your divorce and consult with you about your alternatives.

Our understanding divorce attorney knows the strains that come with the ending of a marriage. You may feel overwhelmed by the weight of the decisions ahead of you, not simply because of the enormous changes in your everyday life but because there can be unforeseen consequences. You can rely on our Seguin divorce attorney to provide you with all the information and counsel you require for each decision that you will make.

Even a seemingly straightforward divorce can take unexpected turns if there is tension as the divorce progresses. Here is where our previous experience comes in handy. We’ve handled a wide range of divorce cases and know how to deal with all potential conflicts.

We are competent negotiators who will battle for a solution that is in your best interests, and, if you have children, in theirs.

We not only have the empathy to assist you through this tumultuous time, but we also have the legal knowledge you require. Our team has the necessary experience to handle the many legal concerns that arise during a divorce. Along with routine divorce matters, we can also help with specific concerns relating to military divorces, such as parenting arrangements during deployment and the allocation of essential service perks in your divorce agreement.

Make an appointment with a family law attorney in Seguin that you can rely on. Russell Amsberry is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is pleased to meet with clients to discuss concerns, explain laws and procedures, and begin planning the best legal approach. To get started, contact our Seguin divorce attorney right away.

FAQs Our Divorce Lawyers Hear from Clients

You most likely have many questions if this is your first time going through a divorce. Below are some of the questions our clients ask most. Should you have additional questions or concerns, our family law attorneys will be happy to address them with you.

How Quickly Can You Get Divorced in Texas?

Many states, including Texas, do not allow spouses to have their divorce finalized before a certain period has passed. In Texas, the “cooling off period” is 60 days. Therefore, the court will not finalize your divorce less than 60 days after filing your divorce petition. Some spouses, however, can be granted divorce right after the 60-day mark.

It is important to note that contested divorces often take significantly longer than 60 days. When spouses cannot agree, it can take longer to tackle important divorce matters and go through the motions.

What are the Legal Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

When filing your divorce petition, you’ll need to state your grounds or why you’re seeking a divorce. In Texas, there are seven reasons you can provide for ending your marriage:

  • Insupportability: Often referred to as “irreconcilable differences” in other states, this means that the marriage has become insupportable, and the spouses see no other option but to split.
  • Living apart: This legal reason requires spouses to have lived separately for at least three years.
  • Adultery: If one spouse committed adultery, and that is the reason the couple seeks to divorce, the petitioning spouse must be able to prove it.
  • Confinement in a mental hospital: If a spouse has been confined in a psychiatric hospital for at least three years, and their recovery is unlikely, the other spouse can pursue a divorce.
  • Cruelty: Whether physical, mental, or emotional cruelty, the petitioning spouse can utilize this reason to establish it would be impossible to continue in the marriage.
  • Abandonment: To establish abandonment, the petitioning spouse must prove that their spouse left with the intention to abandon and has been gone for at least one year.
  • Criminal conviction: If a spouse is a convicted felon, the petitioning spouse must prove the spouse has been convicted, has been in prison for at least one year, and has not been pardoned of any offense.

When you work with our Seguin divorce lawyer, we’ll draft your divorce petition and include the legal grounds that best fit your circumstances.

What Legal Matters Does a Divorce Involve?

The most common topics to address in a divorce include:

  • Property and asset distribution
  • Debt division
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support.

Because the divorce process is unique to the spouses involved, what exactly you address depends on your situation. For example, if you and your spouse have no children, that would automatically eliminate child-related matters.

How Does Texas Law Handle Property Division?

States are either community property states or equitable distribution states. Texas is a community property state. This means that, during divorce proceedings, the judge will treat any property the spouses have as community property or property that belongs to both spouses equally.

If you own separate property that you don’t believe should be considered community property, such as an inheritance or assets you possessed before entering the marriage, you must be able to successfully establish it as separate property.

Judges usually divide community property equally, unless they adjust the distribution to make it fair, considering the spouses’ situations.

Can I Get Alimony After My Divorce?

It may be possible to get alimony, or spousal maintenance, after your divorce, but it is not guaranteed. In many cases, a judge will only grant alimony if one of the spouses will not have enough assets and property after the divorce to meet their needs, and either:

  • The marriage lasted more than 10 years, and the spouse can’t earn enough to satisfy their needs; or
  • The spouse can’t provide for themselves because of a physical or mental disability or because they care for a child with a disability.

If you require spousal maintenance after your divorce, we’ll fight diligently to help get you the financial support you need.


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