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Let Our Estate Planning Attorney in San Marcos Help You Plan Your Future

Proper estate planning allows you to remain in control of what happens to your assets when you die. By making clear decisions now, you are able to ensure that your wishes are carried out for what you have worked so hard for throughout your lifetime. With the help of our San Marcos estate lawyer, we can help you to achieve your goals in estate planning. We will answer your questions, create a strategy that works for you, and help you achieve your best possible outcome.

How We Can Help You

When you work with a San Marcos estate planning attorney, you gain insight into the laws and opportunities presented to you under law. There are many areas of opportunity for many of our clients here. At Amsberry Law Firm, we can help you with every area, including:

  • Help you to plan for your minor children should something happen to you
  • Create trusts that allow you to reduce tax obligations and still provide for your wishes
  • Make healthcare decisions and directives now while you can communicate your wishes
  • Establish a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney whom you trust to make decisions for you if you cannot
  • Create a will that outlines your goals and needs
  • Help you to minimize taxes on your property
  • Reduce the risk of financial loss during probate
  • Avoid taxes.

With the help of a San Marcos estate lawyer, you can find yourself with the peace of mind you need because you know your wishes will be carried out.

Why Choose Us?

Amsberry Law Firm is dedicated to working closely with you to protect each of your rights. Our objective is to ensure you get exceptional support and guidance no matter what your needs, goals, and concerns are. You can trust us to be there for you for many reasons:

  • We have experience. With our more than 25 years of helping clients through complex family law matters, you can trust in that experience to support you in your needs. We know exactly what to do to protect your assets.
  • Comprehensive dedication. Take a look at Attorney Russell Amsberry’s history and profile. You’ll notice the long history of supporting individuals with a proven track record of success. You can trust in his professionalism.
  • Our testimonials. There may not be a better way for you to understand how hard we work to meet your needs than to read what our previous clients have said about us. Check out our client testimonials to learn more.

When you need legal assistance for any type of family law matter, including managing the probate process, reach out to Amsberry Law Firm. Set up a consultation to discuss your specific estate planning needs with us today by calling (210) 354-2244. Our San Marcos estate lawyer is just a phone call away. We serve the San Antonio area, all of Bexar County, and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Not Avoid Planning for the Future

Your estate attorney can help you perceive estate planning as it is intended: a positive step toward a stress-free future. The process is forward-looking, focused on taking care of those you love. In reality, many individuals and families don’t plan ahead, and they usually have a host of excuses as to why it is unnecessary. “We aren’t rich” and “it’s too expensive” are two common reasons people give for ignoring estate planning.

Denying the need for estate planning often results in significant consequences. You will not have control over who makes decisions on your behalf or who actually inherits your assets. Your estate may move to probate, which can be costly, time-consuming, and complicated.

Making important decisions while you are able and ensuring they are legally documented protects those you love.

Understanding the intricacies of some of the services we provide will help you see the value in taking time to appropriately plan and prepare.

When You Need a Guardianship as Part of Your Estate Plan

Our Estate Attorney Explains How Guardianships Work

Sometimes situations arise where you may need or want to become a guardian for a minor child or an individual with special needs. Should you be the guardian of a minor child you would manage his or her financial assets. Usually, this type of guardianship is awarded when the child’s parents are no longer alive or are unable to care for them appropriately. If you have guardianship over an adult who is incapable of caring for himself or herself, you would be legally able to make both healthcare and financial decisions on that individual’s behalf. (TX Est. Code § 1001.001)

Among the guardianship and estate issues with which we can help are:

  • Temporary and permanent guardianship
  • Government benefits
  • Healthcare proxies
  • Guardianship appeals.

Guardianship can be complicated, so working with an estate planning attorney who understands Texas state laws is critical.

Defending Your Estate Against a Contest

Our Attorney Will Fight for You if You Face Estate Litigation

Sometimes, family members believe that the estate planning documents executed do not accurately reflect the wishes of the individual who has passed away. When this happens, they can contest the will — in other words, formally object to its validity.

Simply being unhappy and claiming that a will is inaccurate do not establish grounds for a challenge. There must be a legal basis for it. These can include fraud, duress, forgery, lack of capacity, or even undue influence.

Should there be an issue with your will being contested by your heirs, an estate litigation attorney can help defend the documents. Our attorney will create estate plans that comply with the laws of Texas and that will hold up under the closest scrutiny.

One of the best protections against estate litigation is having well-drafted estate plans from the start. Our team at Amsberry Law Firm will anticipate potential issues that could arise with your estate and will draft your estate planning documents to avoid them. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients well-informed. We will explain to you the estate planning process and your options and advise when you may have reason to adjust your planning as life circumstances change.

Call us today at (210) 354-2244 to talk through any concerns you have about estate planning. We will listen carefully and tailor our planning to meet your needs. Give yourself peace of mind. Work with our experienced estate attorney at Amsberry Law Firm.

San Marcos Estate Planning FAQs

When you are facing questions about your right to protect your assets and plan your future, there is no better way to get help than to reach out to a San Marcos estate planning attorney. Let Amsberry Law Firm help you. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

Can I Set Up a Trust for a Child’s College Education?

A trust could help fund your child’s college education if created legally. We’re happy to help you to do so in a way to reduce estate taxes and ensure your wishes are carried out. You can set conditions for accessing the funds in your trust, too.

I Want to Create a Will. Can a San Marcos Estate Planning Lawyer Help?

Yes, when you work with a San Marcos estate planning attorney, we can guide you in creating a will that is legally binding. We will provide you with the insight and support you need to outline your will. You can update it later if you decide to do so.

Can a San Marcos Estate Lawyer Manage My Estate for Me?

You can turn to our San Marcos estate lawyer for estate administration. That means we can help you to deal with issues and challenges with your will and help ensure that your needs are met. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about these services.

I Have Strong Feelings About My End-of-Life Decisions. How Can I Make Them Now?

Many people do, and with the help of an advanced directive, you can make it clear what your decisions are now while you are of sound mind. Our legal team will support you in creating a clear and recognized directive.

Our San Marcos estate planning attorney is happy to answer any of the questions you have. Let Amsberry Law Firm guide you.

Put Your Trust in Our San Marcos Estate Planning Lawyer

Amsberry Law Firm serves all of the San Antonio and Bexar County area and the surrounding areas. If you are ready to make decisions or just want more information, meet with our San Marcos estate planning lawyer to discuss them. We are here to guide you through this process. Contact us now to set up a consultation. You can do that by calling (210) 354-2244 now.

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Attorney Russell J.G. Amsberry

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