Modifications & Enforcement

San Antonio Modification And Enforcement Attorney

Court orders covering child custody, child support, spousal support and property division are legally binding and enforceable, but a wide range of situations can create the need for legal action after they are issued. A substantial change in either parent’s circumstances or a child’s needs may necessitate a petition for modification of such orders. When someone fails to pay support or comply with a court order for property division, the wronged party often needs a qualified attorney to take action and force compliance.

Reliable Upfront Guidance And Determined, Results-Driven Advocacy

At The Amsberry Law Firm in San Antonio, a modification and enforcement lawyer with decades of experience will help you understand your rights and decide what to do. Attorney Russell J.G. Amsberry has assisted many clients whose circumstances changed dramatically after divorce. He is also a proven, widely respected litigator, Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and is versed in all aspects of enforcement and contempt actions. We effectively address our clients’ needs for:

  • A reduction in child support and/or spousal support (alimony) due to a job loss, health crisis or other substantial change in financial circumstances
  • An increase in support justified by changes in children’s needs or a major positive change in the payer’s income
  • Modifications of custody and/or visitation orders, either through agreement or court order, including cases in which a parent believes the child is in danger when with the other parent
  • Decisive action to enforce family court orders for payment of child support or spousal support or compliance with visitation and access orders — or to compel an uncooperative party to abide by and carry out orders for property division
Do You Need A Knowledgeable New Braunfels Child Support Lawyer? Confronting Other Vital Family Law Concerns In South Texas?

Our extensive experience obtaining modifications and pursuing enforcement actions will be a critical asset for you. If you have encountered problems after or outside of divorce, we can help. We also defend against unjustified actions to obtain modifications. When we provide divorce counsel and representation, we strive for outcomes that minimize the likelihood of our clients having to return to court.

Our work together can begin with a productive initial consultation to thoroughly assess your case, project your likelihood of success and discuss how to proceed. For prompt attention to your case, please call us at (210) 354-2244 or contact us online now.