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When parents divorce, it is often children who get caught in the middle with parents who may want very different things for their child. In child custody cases, the courts focus on what they believe is in the best interests of the child, but if you do not properly represent yourself during custody agreement hearings, you could see mistakes made that can be costly.

Our San Marcos child custody lawyer will stay by your side and work to protect your rights throughout this process. Our team understands the complexities of child custody laws in Texas and will work to ensure you have a full understanding of your rights and the entire process.

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The Amsberry Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with exceptional support as you face this very challenging situation. When you work with a child custody attorney from our team in San Marcos, TX, you can expect exceptional support. Some of the key reasons to work with us include:

  • Experienced Professionals. Russell Amsberry has spent more than 25 years working as a San Marcos child custody attorney representing people who are struggling with complex legal matters. That experience can work to your benefit.
  • Solid Reputation. Take a minute to view our testimonials. This is one of the best ways to understand what you can expect when you work with our team for your case. We take pride in putting our clients first.
  • Dedication. We know just how challenging it can be to deal with child custody matters when you just want the best for your child. That is why we work hard to ensure you receive comprehensive support and guidance. We are committed to your best outcome.

Trust Our Child Custody Team with Your Sensitive Needs

We understand the challenges child custody cases and hearings involve. Our child custody lawyer team, led by Russell Amsberry, will give you the advice you need to help you through this challenging time. Through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Russell Amsberry carries board certification in family law, which is a distinction conferred upon less than one percent of all family practitioners due to rigorous screening by other practitioners and judges, as well as passage of an additional specialty exam. His experience level spans over 25 years, giving him the ability to represent our clients with the greatest level of care and attention to detail.

Don’t Wait to Get the Support You Need

Having a child custody lawyer in San Marcos is critical to ensuring you have every ability to get the best outcome. Our team works to support you throughout the legal process. We will:

  • Explain the legal process to you, ensuring you have a solid understanding of what Texas law allows. You will feel confident in your understanding of the process.
  • Gather evidence to help reach your desired outcome. That may include speaking to numerous people, working to create a strategy that will help you to prove your case, and ensuring the very best level of use of the legal system.
  • Work to come to an agreement with the other parent when it is possible to do so. Whenever possible, we want to ensure the decision making is left in the hands of the parents. When that is not the case, we’ll go to court to fight for your rights to provide the care your family deserves.

If you are facing any type of challenge to existing child custody matters or you are just starting the process, allow our child custody attorneys in San Marcos, TX, to be there by your side. Call us now at (210) 354-2244 to set up a consultation to discuss your needs. Child custody is challenging, but we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the best counsel possible.

We can help you with all aspects of child custody, including child support. We provide full family law and divorce legal services.

Understanding Child Custody in Texas

According to the Texas Family Code, a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (or SAPCR) determines the custody, visitation, and child support payments for the children. When considering an SAPCR lawsuit, the court will make its decision based on the needs of the children mentioned in the SAPCR.

The SAPCR almost always is part of the divorce proceedings involving child custody. However, in cases where divorce is not occurring, an SAPCR can stand as its own legal proceeding.

What Factors Does the Court Consider in Child Custody Cases?

When trying to determine the outcome in a child custody situation, Texas courts always keep the wellbeing and best interests of the child in mind above all else. Some of the ways they will do this include:

  • Investigating actions that indicate one of the parents is unfit for joint custody
  • Investigating living conditions in the separate homes of the parents
  • Determining willingness of parents to accept assistance with parenting classes
  • Investigating any potential for physical danger to the child
  • Investigating any potential for emotional danger to the child
  • Determining the ability of one or both parents to meet any special needs for education or medical care that the child may have
  • Taking the wishes of the child into consideration, if he or she is at least 12 years old
  • Determining how each parent’s job situation and schedule may help or hinder caring for the child.

The court will weigh these types of factors in attempting to find the best situation for the child, whether that involves joint custody or sole custody.

San Marcos Child Custody FAQs

Child custody is complex, which is why it is so important to have a San Marcos child custody attorney who can answer your questions right away. For that, contact us directly to set up a consultation. Here are some of the questions our child custody lawyer in San Marcos, TX, often receives.

Is Joint Custody an Option Under Texas Law?

Yes, two parents can share the decision-making for their child if this is the best option for the child’s well-being. Two parents are called “joint managing conservators,” though one parent may have more visitation than the other.

Will My Child Have a Say in the Child Custody Agreement?

Children do not have the right to make final decisions, but if a child is over the age of 12, the judge may take into consideration the information provided by the child when making that decision. Ultimately, this depends on what is considered best for the child.

What If I Think My Child Was Abused by the Other Parent?

Let’s discuss this openly. When you call our San Marcos child custody lawyer, we will discuss all factors impacting your case. We’ll gather evidence and provide the court with any information we have to help support your case.

Allow our child custody lawyer in San Marcos to provide you with more insight into your legal options. When you contact us, we’re here to support you.

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