What to do After You’re Served with Divorce Papers

The first step in the divorce process is for one spouse to file for divorce and make sure the other gets served with the divorce papers. This is the beginning of a sometimes stressful process, but it’s best to always remember that a fresh start and a new chapter await you at the end. In today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at the steps you’ll need to take immediately after getting served.

     1. Read it all.

It might be tempting to ignore this little stack of papers that has the power to change your life so drastically, but don’t! These documents contain a lot of very important information, such as:

  • The timeline you can anticipate moving forward
  • Your deadline for responding
  • Whether or not your spouse has hired an attorney
  • Your spouse’s requests regarding property division
  • Your spouse’s requests regarding child custody
  • Your spouse’s requests regarding child support and alimony
  1. Find a family law attorney.

By finding this blog, you’ve already got a head start on this!

The divorce process is much easier and more straightforward when you have an experienced family law attorney by your side to guide you through it. Your attorney will help you understand your rights, protect yourself, and protect your children. The sooner you partner with a lawyer, the better they can assist you in getting the outcomes you desire.

  1. Respond by the deadline.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the deadline for responding! This will effectively forfeit your rights and legal arguments, most likely giving your spouse everything they requested in their petition, which is typically far less than your fair share! 

Your response should include a section for each number declaration. This might seem overwhelming, but your attorney can help you.

  1. Safeguard your assets.

You will need to take certain measures to protect yourself financially. This may mean taking out a credit card in your name only or transferring money out of joint accounts. Keep in mind that you should NEVER conceal assets in a divorce as this is a crime and you will be charged with perjury. 

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The Amsberry Law Firm team has extensive experience handling family law matters such as divorce. Do you have remaining questions about the steps you need to take after being served with divorce papers? Or are you ready to partner with one of our attorneys? If so, please contact our team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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