Texas child support enforcement focuses on negligent parents

Texas officials use several tactics to enforce child support payments, including the Child Support Evaders Program. Some Texas divorces may lead to major financial and emotional life transformations, which can make it particularly difficult for any children who are involved. In most cases, the court will order the non-custodial parent to pay child support, as a way to minimize the financial change that occurs in Read More

In the child’s best interest: Texas custody and visitation

Nothing is more important than the responsibility of a parent for his or her child's well being. When parents do not live together, legal questions of Texas custody and visitation must be decided, and that process can be extremely stressful. Custody and visitation can be determined in divorce or legal separation, or when the parents are unmarried. Texas terminology Family law matters are mostly governed by state law. Read More

Credit Card Spending and Divorce Linked in New Study

It is common knowledge that financial woes are a leading cause of strife among married couples. The findings of one recent study show a more specific connection between surreptitious credit card spending and divorce. The website Moneysupermarket.com surveyed 1,000 individuals about their habits with respect to credit card spending. Approximately 10 percent of those surveyed admitted that secret credit card purchases Read More

A Brief Q&A on Employment Age Discrimination

Aging is a natural part of life. It is inevitable and universal. And in US society, as we age and pay our dues in life, we are supposed to be granted more respect and courtesy due to our advanced experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in practice, particularly in the workplace. As the US population gets older, the danger of age discrimination—also known as ageism—in employment Read More

Survey finds increasing number of couples over 50 divorcing

A recent survey finds that there is an increasing number of couples over 50 divorcing. Making the decision to get a divorce can be stressful at any age; however, the most important factors to consider may alter slightly depending on the age of the divorcing couple. Recently, a trend has been noted among couples over the age of 50, as the divorce rate among this group seems to be increasing. According to a recent Read More