A Brief Introduction to the Family and Medical Leave Act

The  Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was first signed into law in 1993 in order to help workers find balance in their work and home lives. The purpose of the law was to protect workers from losing their jobs if they had personal matters or family concerns that caused them to take time off from work. It strives to prevent workers from being forced to choose between their job and their loved ones. The FMLA allows Read More

Texas Probate Avoidance: 4 Useful Tools

Probate is a necessary, but sometimes complicated process that can be costly and frustrating. In some situations, avoiding elements of probate is a welcome and convenient way of making it easier for heirs and executors of the estate to manage in a difficult time. When drafting your will, or even as you obtain assets during your lifetime, here are four things to consider doing to avoid having those assets be subject Read More

Texas Establishment of Paternity

For obvious reasons, the identity of a child’s mother is quite obvious at the time of the child’s birth. Thus, mothers are automatically granted legal parental rights over their child, including all of the benefits and obligations inherent in those rights. However, establishing paternity and a father’s parental rights is not always such a clear-cut process. While no one would be able to argue the identity of the Read More

Illegal Ways Your Employer May Try to Avoid Paying You Overtime

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the federal wage and hours law that covers overtime. The law requires that nonexempt employees must be paid "time and a half" (150%) for any hours over 40 worked in one standard work week. The law prohibits employers from averaging hours worked in a two-week period, even if the pay period is every two weeks. For example, if you work 48 hours in week 1 and 32 hours in week 2 (for Read More

7 Key Indicators of Elder Abuse or Exploitation

Most of us grow up being taught that we should always respect our elders. Those who have reached an advanced age in their life are deserving of no less than dignity and kind regard. Unfortunately, due to the physical and mental decline inherent in the aging process, seniors are also one of the most vulnerable segments of our population, and there are always going to be people out there who seek to prey on the Read More

A Brief Introduction to Transfer-on-Death Deeds

For most average Americans, their home is their most significant asset. Few people will ever make a purchase larger than that of their home, and thus it is one of the most important assets to consider when you start planning your estate. You may want to consider understanding more about Transfer-on-Death Deeds. Many people go to great lengths to keep their home from passing through the probate process in order to Read More

7 Potentially Important Factors in Texas Child Custody Decisions

Getting a divorce is always hard, but things become much more difficult and complex when there are children involved. Children automatically raise the stakes of a divorce, since few parents ever want to give up time with their little ones. When a divorcing couple cannot agree upon terms for custody and a parenting plan, custody decisions will be left to the courts. But how does the court make a custody Read More

Avoid Falling Through the Long-Term Care Cracks

In the US, millions of people require long-term care assistance every year. Long-term care is a wide variety of services, both medical and personal in nature, that are provided in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities to those who are unable to manage these needs independently. These facilities are usually incredibly expensive. According to a 2015 Genworth Financial Cost of Care Read More

Military Benefits & Divorce in Texas

The US military provides some of the best on-the-job benefits of any industry in the country, including excellent healthcare, retirement plans, and access to military base privileges like commissaries. By virtue of marriage, spouses of military service members are also granted access to these benefits. But what happens when the couple gets divorced? Divorce always stirs up difficult questions with regard to the Read More

7 Things to Think About Before Naming a Guardian for Your Children, Part II

In our last blog, we discussed the vital importance of naming a guardian who will care for your minor children should anything ever happen to you. It’s a topic that no one likes to think about, but every parent should. Accidents happen every day, and you must do your best to plan for the unexpected. You owe it to your children to ensure that they will be kept safe, be loved, and be provided for if you are ever Read More