How Does an Affair Affect Divorce?

If your spouse has had an affair, there is no doubt it has affected your marriage. In fact, it may even be one of the reasons, if not the sole reason, for your divorce. While infidelity is hurtful and often causes irreparable damage to relationships, in Texas it is not illegal. That said, extramarital affairs can impact your divorce. If adultery has played a role in your relationship and you are considering a Read More

How Do I Get a No-Fault Divorce in Texas?

Couples have a few different options when officially filing the paperwork for divorce. It is possible to file for a divorce when you are blaming your spouse’s actions for causing you to do this. This is a divorce with fault. However, it is also possible to file without listing a reason for seeking a divorce, which is a no-fault divorce. So, how do I get a no-fault divorce in Texas? When you want to try to get a Read More

Is Alimony Based on Current Income?

When clients seek our help in a divorce case, questions about alimony often are top of mind. Whether they are seeking a first-time decision on alimony or modification to an existing alimony, they often want to know whether alimony is based on current income. Both spouses involved in the divorce must complete paperwork that proves their current financial situation, including any income they currently have. The court Read More

7 Most Important Factors in Child Custody Decisions

Going through a divorce is always hard, but things become much more difficult and complex when custody of children is part of the divorce negotiations. Children automatically raise the stakes in the divorce proceedings, as few parents ever want to give up time with their little ones. When a divorcing couple cannot agree upon terms for custody and for a parenting plan through negotiations, custody decisions will be Read More

Types of Appeals in a Divorce Case

Even when it’s over, it’s not over. Couples who divorce have to come to terms on a wide variety of issues: child custody and division of assets are two examples. Although there are many advantages to resolving issues outside of a courtroom, that isn’t always feasible. There also tends to be a lot of pressure and stress that comes with allowing someone else to decide the outcome of your case. Take a fresh look at Read More

How Does Divorce Impact Your Estate Planning?

When two people get married, there are usually numerous elements of their lives that become intertwined. Any married person who has completed any estate planning knows that many of their assets simply go to the surviving spouse. However, divorce has ramifications on many different elements of your life, including estate planning. To take that a step further, each state has its own laws. If you get divorced in Read More

What Is an Uncontested Divorce in Texas?

Because each state handles the divorce process in its own way, the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce may not be apparent in some circumstances. For instance, one state may label a divorce uncontested when neither party disagrees with the grounds for divorce. Luckily, in Texas, the difference between contested and uncontested is more defined. The process of each may not look the same either. Read More

Seeking Sole Custody In A Texas Divorce

Though you may have heard the term “full custody,” the state of Texas refers to them as sole managing conservatorships. If this is the type of custody you seek, you should first ask yourself why.  Because of how emotionally complex divorce can be, it is difficult to see your former spouse as a great parent and a poor husband or wife. And that’s understandable. However, you need to understand that getting sole Read More

How to Help Divorced Friends

Here Are 3 Ways Help Your Divorced Friends Going through the divorce process can be a lot like grieving. Instead of mourning the loss of a person or a loved one, they are adjusting to what their new future looks like. As their friends, you want to help them through this period in their life. And they should have the support of their friends and family.  But it is essential to know how to help your divorced Read More

What Should You Do with Social Media When Divorcing?

Are you in the midst of divorce proceedings or considering ending your marriage? If so, you are likely experiencing a range of emotions. While the beginning of relationships, including marriages, are filled with excitement and joy, a divorce is often just the opposite. Depending upon the circumstances that caused your marriage to end, you may be angry, upset, stressed, overwhelmed, or have a combination of these Read More