The Advantages and Disadvantages of Revocable Trusts

There is a peace of mind that comes with estate planning. It allows you to be prepared for the unknown. One of the biggest mistakes about estate planning is that many believe it to be a single document. Your attorney has a multitude of documents to choose from that each address different planning needs. They choose and create each one based on your needs. Another common misconception is that for some, estate Read More

Can an Employer Adjust Your Hours to Avoid Overtime?

Time and again, employees find themselves in the awkward situation of an employer’s needing them to work longer but not wanting to pay the overtime cost for the additional hours. If you're a worker who has put in extra hours, you may want to know, can an employer adjust your hours to avoid paying overtime? The overtime mismanagement situation is common and problematic, especially given that the employee is often Read More

Understanding Non-Solicitation Agreements

As an employee, you may be asked to sign a non-solicitation agreement at any point. Even if you aren’t presented with one during onboarding, your employer may ask you to sign during your employment or as you leave.   What Is a Non-Solicitation Agreement? To be clear, a non-solicitation agreement is not the same as a non-compete. Usually, non-solicitation protects your employer if you ultimately work for a Read More

How Does Divorce Impact Your Estate Planning?

When two people get married, there are usually numerous elements of their lives that become intertwined. Any married person who has completed any estate planning knows that many of their assets simply go to the surviving spouse. However, divorce has ramifications on many different elements of your life, including estate planning. To take that a step further, each state has its own laws. If you get divorced in Read More

Signs Of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a form of manipulation. It occurs when one parent discredits or degrades the other parent in front of their child. Though this person is no longer married to you, they are still a parent to your child. Children continue to look up to their parents after the divorce, and parental alienation harms their overall development and mental health. Furthermore, it fractures a child’s relationship with Read More

How Do You Write an Estate Plan for Digital Assets?

When people first come across the idea that their digital assets should be put into an estate plan, they may dismiss it. Or they may not understand how to write an estate plan for those digital assets. Some people incorrectly assume that they don’t have cryptocurrency or online gaming accounts, so they also assume the issue doesn’t apply to them. Digital assets extend beyond these. When was the last time you used Read More

How Does a Parenting Plan Work in Texas?

If you are new to Texas or have limited experience with family law, you should understand a few key terms. For instance, many states divide child custody into legal custody and physical custody. Texas, too, has two different categories of custody, but they are called something entirely different: Conservatorship Possession & Access  Having conservatorship grants you the ability to make decisions for Read More

2 Ways to Avoid Estate Taxes

Can you avoid estate taxes? There are some ways to do so. We will look at two ways to reduce your estate taxes. There are two different ways in which your estate can be taxed: by the federal government or by your state. Not every state has estate taxes, and those states that do tax at different percentages. Texas, for instance, does not implement an estate tax.  Some states do have inheritance taxes, and Read More

Do I Have to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

It may be overwhelming the first time you are offered a position or job that comes with a non-compete agreement. And when it is put before you, you may wonder, do I have to sign a non-compete agreement? If you don’t understand what they can and cannot do, you may be extremely hesitant to sign one. That is simply because you are caught in the difficult position of being unaware of their impact and you may feel Read More

What to Do About Workplace Retaliation

If you’ve faced a negative response by your employer to actions you take that you believe are not only valid, but also legal, you may wonder what to do about workplace retaliation. Retaliation covers any action taken by your employer in response to you exercising your rights. Before retaliation occurs, there will likely be an initial cause. Although your efforts could be legal and justifiable, they may go against Read More